Rise & Shine Bath Set

Rs. 2,250
An everyday bath solution to brighten up your mornings! Lift your mood with an energising bath oil and shower gel infused with Sweet orange extracts to expertly cleanse and revitalise skin. A great kick starter for hectic days, the mix of citrusy Bergamot and soothing Geranium results in a natural skin disinfectant that's rich in anti-bacterial properties.  Packed with vitamins and minerals, this bath & body duo cleanses, moisturises, prevents dullness and promotes a natural glow.


BATH OIL: Light and easily absorbed, this luxurious product can be used either in the bath or can be massaged directly onto the skin as an intensive and naturally scented body moisturiser. 

BATH WASH: A non-drying and pH-balanced solution, it is suitable for daily use, and leaves skin feeling fresh, soft & delicately scented. 

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