Bug Balm (Itch Relief)

Rs. 760 Rs. 950

 Stop the Itch!! this gentle healing balm with soothing Calendula & Coconut oil relieves itchy bug bites and minor skin irritations. Mixed with a blend of Tea tree and Lavender essential oil, it’s kid safe, and has long been used for cuts, scrapes, and relief from skin irritations. Safe for sensitive skin and great for use by the whole family.



  • Soothes itching & Calms skin. 
  • Temporarily protects cuts, scrapes & burns.
  • Anti bacterial & Anti inflammatory Coconut oil helps aid healing.
  • Safe to use on babies.
  • No added fragrances or essential oils.
  • Parabens, sulphate and chemical free.
  • Made with 100% natural, nourishing ingredients. 

How to use:

Spray liberally & run all over body before going outdoors. 


Distilled Water, Geranium Flowers, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree oil, Lavender, Rosemary & Neem extracts. 

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