ESSENTIALS Face Care for Oily/Acne Prone Skin

Rs. 3,450

Specialised formulations for dry skin, comprising a cleanser, exfoliator, toner and moisturiser to impart hydration while controlling oil balance at every step. Follow this simple 4 step skincare regime daily to improve skin health & a radiant glow. 


 CLEANSE  with Pumpskin Face Wash  


Made with Pumpkin, Honey & Rose hip oil, this natural, all-purpose daily cleanser contains Vitamins & exfoliating enzymes from Honey & Pumpkin that help revitalise your skin.  It is gentle enough for ultra sensitive skin and works double duty by washing away surface impurities and protecting your skin’s moisture balance. 


 EXFOLIATE with Zesty Lemon Face Exfoliator 


Exfoliating is necessary to get rid of dead cells and to nourish dry skin. This scrub will renew your cells and help soften skin whilst eliminating them pesky blackheads. Lemon peels help in preventing and fighting acne, pigmentation and dark spots. They are rich in antioxidants which detoxify the skin while Orange rind prevents oxidative stress in skin cells, promoting youthful, glowing skin.


 TONE  with Tonic Mist Toner 


This alcohol-free Hydrating Mist Toner combines Neroli and Clarysage to help refresh, purify and cool tired skin. This antioxidant-rich vitamin c formula will give your skin a well-deserved boost while simultaneously fighting off bad bacteria that cause acne breakouts. Neroli naturally helps balance oil & brightens dull skin while Clary sage helps shrink large pores and helps in the reduction of inflammation.


 MOISTURISE with Aloe & Vit E Face Cream


Named “the plant of immortality” by the ancient Egyptians, Aloevera has been used for centuries to hydrate, heal and protect the skin. Combined with the benefits of Vitamin E oil & Cucumber, this gel based formula is a lightweight solution that delivers a surge of moisture with a cooling finish for those hot summer days. 

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