BabyBliss Body Massage Oil

Rs. 1,350

Massaging your little one not only helps soothe and calm them before bed time, but it's a wonderful way to promote bonding. Enriched with the highest quality natural, plant-derived oils, BabyBliss massage oil improves your baby’s sleep quality, helps to develop bones, strengthens muscles & stimulates blood circulation while keeping your baby's skin nourished & soft. 

Our beautiful massage oil can be used on your skin as well and will be completely absorbed, leaving you with a gorgeous glow and NO greasy residue.



  • Soothe baby's mood & helps induce sleep. 
  • Light weight massage oil, suitable for all weather.
  • Moisturises skin & strengthens bones.
  • Good for Hair health
  • No added fragrances or essential oils.
  • Parabens, sulphate and chemical free.
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients. 

How to use:

Pour a small amount into hands and warm it, massage all over the body after bath.


Jojoba oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Sesame Seed oil, Lavender & Calendula flowers.  

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